New Raspberry Pi Image with RTL-SDR Drivers and GNU Radio Built In

A new image for the Raspberry Pi containing RTL-SDR software has been made available by tech enthusiast Gareth Hayes. The image contains all the software and drivers needed to get started with the RTL-SDR or HackRF on a 512MB Raspberry Pi. It is very useful as compilation of large software like GNU Radio is slow and problematic on an embedded PC like the Raspberry Pi. The image contains the following software:

  • GNU Radio V3.7.5 built from source, including GNU Radio Companion
  • Osmocom GNU Radio Source (and Sink) Blocks
  • Support for DVB-T USB dongles
  • Support for HackRF One (and Jawbreaker)
  • RTL-SDR Suite
  • Gqrx

A few months ago we also featured a similar image for the BeagleBone Black.

Raspberry Pi Mini Linux Computer
Raspberry Pi Mini Linux Computer
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It appears that the link to Gareth Hayes’ webpage has been hacked. It changes each time to some other appearing webpage asking for something or a choice.

Jacob Stallings

The link to the Gareth Hayes website above is a dead link. the domain is up for sale.

Robert Thompson

Shame the RTL-SDR is no longer supported on Raspberry Pi.
Wasted 2 days on 4 images and got nothing to work at all.


If you can’t get it to work under Linux, you are doing something wrong!
I’ll leave this link here:
And say the magic word “blacklist”
Or you could use “cmake ../ -DINSTALL_UDEV_RULES=ON -DDETACH_KERNEL_DRIVER=ON” if you are compiling from the latest rtl-sdr source code.

Kalo Alexandra

I am corporately restricted from using any sort of torrent or peer sharing networks. Is there any chance your can provide a direct download link?


hello I downloaded this image and I can do whatever I want in the terminal but whenever I try to launch the graphic interface of the OS the system only shows a black screen, does it have any soluton?

Cameron Conover

The download links appear to be broken. Is there a new download site?


Hi. Don’t download. This is image is corrupt. The author will rebuild it. As seen on reddit.