BeagleBone Black Image File with RTL-SDR + GNU Radio + More

A ready to go Ubuntu 14.04 image file for the BeagleBone Black that contains various SDR related resources for the RTL-SDR and other SDRs like the HackRF has been released by KD0CQ. The BeagleBone Black is a small embedded PC that is powerful enough to run many SDR software programs. The image file is very useful as installing some software like GNU Radio on an embedded PC can be very tedious. Below is a list of software included in the image file.

  • GNURadio 3.7
  • keenerd’s rtlsdr bundle
  • gqrx
  • multimode (having issues compiling, will contact author. Prob compatibility issues with gnuradio 3.7)
  • LTE-Cell-Scanner
  • LTE-Tracker
  • multimon – Pogsac Pager Decoder
  • rtl_flex_noX – Flex Pager Decoder
  • SuperKuh’s Dongle Logger – pyrtlsdr – Fast version
  • rtl_433
  • SDR-J
  • rtl_sdr wide spectrum analyzer
  • DSD 1.7
  • RTL_FM_Python
BeagleBone Black
BeagleBone Black
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Rolando Fernandez

tested on my beaglebone black and works very good.


Equivalent image for the Pi is:

James Moreton

This is the best news ive heard since i bought a raspberry pi and realised it wouldn’t run gnu radio
then i got a beaglebone black and stumbled on this and i was like Yeeeeeeeeeey!!!
thanks heaps for taking the time to compile this image its like Christmas is here already


Would you please reply as to what is Login and Password is? Will the software be usable on 4.3LCD? Thanks


Dumb Question: Is there a equivalent image ready for use in a Raspbarry PI also?


Is there a image for Raspberry PI also?