HackRF TX YouTube Videos

Since the HackRF was shipped to Kickstarter backers there have been a few new short videos uploaded to YouTube showing some transmit experiments that people have done.

Here YouTube user CFSworks uses his HackRF to record and replay a signal that causes the charge port on his Tesla Model S electric car to open.

HackRF vs. Tesla Model S

In this video YouTube user Chief Tinker shows his HackRF being used to ring his house doorbell.

In this video YouTube user alaindecarolis uses his HackRF with hackrf_transfer to record and replay a voice signal from a standard Kenwood mobile radio.

HackRF hackrf_transfer test

Here YouTube user Jiao Xianjun shows the program he created that allows someone to send arbitrary Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE/BT4.0) packets via a HackRF board.

Bluetooth Low Energy, BTLE/BT4.0 Packet Sender. (Software Defined Radio)

Finally this video shows a little public mischievousness with YouTube user sigmounte using his HackRF to turn off certain street lights via the Urban Light Management system which uses simple radio CCIR tones.

Télécommande urbaine

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