Transmitting ADS-B with a HackRF and Receiving it with an RTL-SDR

Over on YouTube user Jiao Xianjun has uploaded a video showing how he was able to transmit an ADS-B signal from his HackRF One and receive it using an RTL-SDR with dump1090. He transmits a low power signal which shows a fake plane flying over the Senkaku islands.

Important Note: While this warning is also on the video we feel that we should re-emphasize that you should never transmit anything at 1090 MHz unless you are authorized to do so and are in a controlled RF environment.

ADS-B out by HACKRF and received by rtl-sdr + dump1090

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Kii J

I need to understand how to generate the signal, can someone help me?


He doesn’t give us the script unfortunately. BUT if you do some research there is the “Havoc” firmware on Github for the portapack that contains an ADS-B generator/transmitter. You could reverse-engineer it if you have the skills