RTL-SDR Transmitting at 1270 MHz

Over on YouTube user oh2ftg has uploaded a video apparently showing an RTL-SDR transmitting a low power signal at 1270 MHz. His explanation as to how it is possible to transmit with an RTL-SDR is that the local oscillator in the RTL-SDR is leaky, so it can be abused as a low power transmitter.

We aren’t sure how he enabled the transmissions or if it even is transmitting a real signal or just noise, but we hope someone can let us know in the comments. At the moment we think its just noise which changes its tune as the oscillator tunes to different frequencies.

RTL-SDR Transmitting on 1270MHz

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This is fairly much to be expected. There is virtually no shielding to prevent it. Also it is a very short range. When I was young myself and a friend hooked up an AM LO to an antenna through a morse key and it could be heard over a distance of about 1 mile. Ahh good old valves. 🙂