Demonstrating GQRX Running on a BeagleBone Black with RTL-SDR

YouTube user Brad Bowers has posted a video showing GQRX running on his BeagleBone Black with an RTL-SDR dongle. The BeagleBone Black is an embedded Linux computer, similar to the Raspberry Pi, but with significantly more processing power. He found that GQRX actually performed quite responsively on the BeagleBone.

Beagle Bone Black as Rtl-SDR front end with gqrx

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Bob H.

Hey ADMIN have you seen the new ADS-B decoder on android? ( I saw it on the play store and I wanted to show people it.

Bob H.

No problem, and thanks for the great site!


looked kind of choppy + only frontend on beagle, acquisition as on laptop + no decoding, only faterfall. I imagine decoding was also choppy and breaking up?

still impressive.