ADS-B Decoder for the RTL-SDR now available for Android

A (beta version) of an ADS-B decoder and display app for the RTL-SDR dongle for Android has been released. This app allows you to receive the ADS-B radio signals emitted by modern aircraft, which contain information such as flight number, latitude, longitude and altitude, essentially giving you a live portable aircraft radar.

To use the app, you will need an Android device that supports USB OTG, which most Android devices on Android 4.0+ should support. You will also need a USB OTG cable, and an RTL-SDR dongle. You may want to consider a USB OTG cable that has a second port for external charging capabilities, as the RTL-SDR can drain the battery quickly.

The app is cheaply priced at under $2, so give it a try!

ADS-B Decoding on Android
ADS-B Decoding on Android


  1. Robert

    i have a problem with this App on Padfone one and tablet
    OTG flexible cable is ok for USB Memory Stick .. but with USB Stick – RTL2832 w/R820T adafruit model ada1497 App not recognize this USB Stick !

    Stick work fine with RTL1090 on Pc session
    What is the problem ??
    Bye from Italy

  2. bubbazanetti

    Using a Nexus 7 (2013)

    My Newsky DVB-T+DAB+FM stick did not work, gave a bunch of “valid preambles” but zero everywhere else.

    However my NooElec R820T SDR&DVB-T stick does work, giving all sorts of data in those categories.

    The NooElec stick is the newer version.

  3. qwertinsky

    Runs but does not work? Leaving it running after a few minutes it received several hundred thousand “valid preambles” but did not decode any ABS-D data. I know my RTL works using RTL1090 I see several planes.

    Looks promising, I hope the author manages to get it together.

  4. Jack Frost

    Sorry Guys. This look very anti serious to me. No possibility to contact the author or similar. Website links to Amazon. Video shows nothing else than one(!) plane that don’t moves.

    To me this looks like an unfinished piece of soft.

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