Wavesink: New Android RTL-SDR App for FM/RDS/DAB/DRM+

Wavesink is a new SDR Android App, which allows your RTL2832U based dongle to receive FM radio with RDS, Digital Audio Broadcast Radio (DAB) and VHF band Digital Radio Monodial (DRM+). DAB+ support is also to be released by next week, and a station memory will also be added in a future release.

The app is currently in beta development, and only the trial version is released, which will allow you to use the app for 5 minutes at a time. They indicate that the commercial version will be out soon.

To use this with your Android device, you will need a USB OTG (On the Go) cable, and your device must support USB host mode, which most Android devices above 3.1 should support.

I gave the app a quick spin in FM mode, and found that the interface was a little clunky, but the app worked fine, and the FM and RDS signals were decoded correctly.


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Everett Hope

Hello great app by the way. . Is there a way to be above channel 13?


Congrats for app. Is there anything similar for iPhones iOS please?
Thank You,


😀 LOL 😀 😀 😀


Hi Pino,
Wavesink uses the same driver as SDR touch, which after a reboot will return into its initial state and there are no changes made to the system or driver by wavesink. Please keep us posted if you have solved this issue.


I used it for some time and Sdrtouch and rtl2832 driver and I received always ,but two days ago I installed wavesink I used to listen to the FM broadcast.Are past two days and now not works wavesink but not sdrtouch. programs .I removed and reinstalled them but I do not work anymore ‘. They have a limited operating time?, Because now even sdr touch does not work anymore ‘?. nothing in the cache, reinstalled the programs but niente.wavelink has changed something?.
Thank Pino IK0ZRR
info support samsung s4 rtl2832 r820t cable otg android 4.2.2 aggior. kernel 30aug 2013