Wavesink Plus: Android RTL-SDR App with FM+RDS/DAB+/DRM+ Decoding

Wavesink Plus, the paid version of the trial version of Wavesink has been released on Google Play. Wavesink Plus is an Android app which has FM+RDS, DAB+ and DRM+ receiving and decoding capabilities when connected to an RTL-SDR dongle via a USB OTG cable.

We gave Wavesink Plus a test today on a HTC One X Android phone and were pleased to discover that it works perfectly. The user interface has been tidied up from previous versions, and DAB+ has been added. There is now also auto tuning functionality, which will automatically find a station.

In further testing we found that the latest version of Wavesink was fast and snappy and was able to load DAB+ stations quickly, and decode them with clear audio. FM radio also sounded clear and RDS information loaded quickly as well.

Download the trial version here and buy the full version from this link.

Wavesink Plus Decoding DAB+
Wavesink Plus Decoding DAB+
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Does it support HF reception (shortwave) in DRM mode?

Paul Richardson

Wavesink plus installed but scans everytime I start the app. Please help. Ps the demo version worked well.

Paul Richardson

Where can I find them?

Markus Mühlbacher

Hi, I have installed Wavesink Plus on my Android Device, but after two days it refuses to start. Any hints on how to solve that problem? I don’t find any button or anything that would say “trouble shooting” or whatsovever. Thanks & regards, Markus