DAB/DAB+ Decoder Software “Welle.io” Now Available on Android

Back in March of this year we posted about “Welle.io”, a DAB/DAB+ decoder that supports the RTL-SDR and other SDRs like the Airspy. It was available for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi 2/3.

Albrecht Lohöfener, the author of Welle.io has recently written in to announce that Welle.io is now available for Android as well. The app appears to be free, but is currently marked as beta, so there may still be a few bugs.

The only other app that we’ve seen which is capable of decoding DAB/DAB+ on Android is Wavesink. Wavesink costs $14.90 USD on the Google Play store, but there is a free trial version available with runtime limitations and no DAB+ support.

Albrecht notes that the app is fairly computationally intensive and will require an Android device with at least 4 cores and a clock speed of 1.3 GHz to run the app. He also mentions that they are also looking for any interested developers and translators to help with development of the app.

Welle.io on Android
Welle.io on Android
welle.io on Android (DAB+/DAB software radio, RTL-SDR , RTL2832U)


  1. Jaap

    Running on Windows 10 64 bit Home Edition with RTL-SDRv3 there are two bulk-in interfaces: 0 and 1. HDSDR and SDR# run fine, but welle-io.exe chooses interface 0 by default and that does not work. Nevertheless I got it working with RTL_TCP. First open a command window and run: “rtl_tcp -d 1”, then open a command window and run “welle-io -D rtl_tcp”. Seems reception is improved using the FM Bandstop filter.

    Cheers, Jaap

  2. Dave B

    I get this:-
    bash: ./20170520_Linux_welle-io-x86_64.AppImage: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
    Trying on Mint 17.1 32 bit, running from a command line.

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