New ADS-B Mapping and Decoder App for Android from FlightAware is a web based online radar service for aircraft. The plane position data is obtained from contributors running ADS-B decoding hardware, such as a special ADS-B receiver box or simply an RTL-SDR dongle.

To increase the number of contributors, the team at FlightAware have released a new RTL-SDR compatible ADS-B decoder app for Android devices. The App is totally free and is also ad free. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store at The intention of the app is to target users who may have an old Android device lying around, which can be put to good use in contributing data to FlightAware. More information about running the app can be found on their webpage.

When sharing data with FlightAware you are then eligible for a free enterprise account valued at $89.95 a month which allows you to access several advanced flight tracking features.

To use the app you’ll need an Android device, a USB OTG cable (ideally with external power port) and an RTL-SDR dongle. The USB OTG cable should ideally have an external power port and be powered from the mains with a power adapter as the battery can drain fast.

FlightAware ADS-B App
FlightAware ADS-B App
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Pikey Levey

I would be using my tablet without WiFi/internet connection whilst out and about

Are the map pre-built in?

S Ward

This app no longer works. (The Google maps now have to be paid for and the app was written when they were free to app builders.)
The only ASD-B hardware decoder and mapping app now available for use with RTL dongles is AVARE ADSB on the Google Playstore.

I wish this defunct Flightfeeder app would be reinstated fully working as it is faster and superior to the Avare app.


One question , this mode used to europe, becasue i try and dont receive any msgs!


Got it working on my Nexus 10. How do you get the free enterprise account?