Aerial TV: An Android DVB-T Decoder for the RTL-SDR

On the Google Play store a new RTL-SDR compatible app called ‘Aerial TV’ has been released (in beta) by Martin Marinov. Aerial TV allows you to watch DVB-T HD TV on your android device, with an RTL-SDR connected to it via USB OTG cable. Martin is also the author of the popular SDR Touch Android program and the RTL2832U Android driver port. 

The new software requires a different DVB-T driver app to be installed first, which is also provided by Martin. This is because the RTL-SDR needs to be operated in a mode different to the way that the SDR drivers use it in. Martin has also open sourced his Android DVB-T driver and it is available on GitHub.

Aerial TV is currently free on the Google Play store, but looks like it may eventually have some in-app purchases. Also, it is currently marked as ‘Unreleased’ on Google Play, which is essentially a beta version, so you might expect there to be some bugs.

Aerial TV Screenshot
Aerial TV Screenshot

Over on YouTube user GiamMa-based researchers SDR R&D IoT has uploaded a video showing Aerial TV scanning for TV channels, and then eventually playing some video.

APP DVB Receiver Aerial TV (Unreleased) rtl sdr compatible test with oneplus one


    • snn47

      I checked the Google Playstore and some relevant information is missing.
      While it says that DVB-T and DVB-T2 works, it does not specify if also H.265 (adopted by Germany) or if only DVB-T2 using the H.264 codec is supported.

    • mark


      Your great apk worked fine, and now when I wanted to buy it is not longer available online on play store and this ver I have installed cannot connect to USB what is going on?

  1. A

    Note, after 30min you have to pay 5.49€.
    It works nicely with my home’s antenna, I barely got reception on the street using the default antenna of my rtl-sdr. YMMV.
    The screen stretches a lot breaking the relation, but he’ll probably fix it soon.
    Weren’t for the 5.49€ I would make a portable antenna on some cardboard so I could bring it in my backpack.

  2. snn47

    If you are interested in DVB T in Europe, please note that a number of European states are currently in the process to move to DVB T2 and aim to terminate all DVB T transmissions.

    More information

    Timeframe e.g. Germany officially starting 29.3.2017, projected switchoff of all DVB-T signals about 2 years later.

    Also the codec used differs in some states e.g. Germany adopted H.265 instead of H.264 codec. Comercial private TV stations encode their signal in Germany and require therefore a modul and card for viewing, subscription fee is ~65€.

    From comments on those trying to view DVB T2 with the SDR stick using existing Linux/Windows based programs, DVB T2 receptions works only for some, while it does not for others reliably or not at all.
    I’m not within RLOS of DVB T2 stations so I have not tried DVB T2. DVB T2 rewuires a much higher systems performance compared to DVB-T which worked fine on a centrino notebook at the time.

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