New SDR# Plugin: Multiple VFO’s

Over on the blog the programmer of many well used SDR# plugins has released a new one which allows you to have up to two extra VFO’s in SDR# (note in Russian, use Google Translate). In order words this means that you can now listen to up to three signals simultaneously if they are in the same swath of live bandwidth. Previously on Windows only the SDR-Radio V2 software was capable of doing multiple VFO’s.

Listening to multiple frequencies simultaneously has many uses including the ability to now monitor multiple ACARS, AIS, pager and other data frequencies at the same time. However, as of yet it seems that the ability to output to other audio devices such as a virtual audio cable is not yet implemented.

Extra VFO's Plugin
Extra VFO’s Plugin
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I cant get the web site keep getting php errors.
Is there any other source for the 2nd VFO plug in ???


edit the text in the magicline in the .xml file.


Does anyone know if you are able to change the name that appears on the tabs in SDR#? For instance, I would like to be able to change “Aux VFO-1” to “UPD Dispatch,” “AUV VFO-2” to “UPD 2,” and so on. I’ve opened the AuxVFOSettings files and that only contains the information within the tab. If it is even possible, would it have to do with the .dll file?

Beer It

Contact the author, negotiate for a custom build would be one way.


edit the magicline in .xml file for the vfos

J Phillips

Will this software and the trunker software run on older versions of Window? What would be the minimum requirements? 32 or 64 bit, processor, etc.
I have an older desktop that I would like to dedicate the system too. I just started using the Pro96Com software and would like to expand.
Thanks in advance.


Thank you very much for the work.
With RTL-SDR dongle and SDR# and this new plugin receipt JT65 and WSPR at once. Sending data to PSK Reporter and WSPRnet Map.
Thank you very much.


My config: W7 64 SDR#
The plugin seems broken, does anyone experienced this error on SDR# startup ?
Error Loading ‘SDRSharp.SecondaryVFO.SecondaryVFOPlugin,SDRSharp.SecondaryVFO’, Method not found, ‘SDRSharp.Radio.Vfo…ctor(SDRSharp.RadioHookManager).


Works fine here. SDR Ver on Win8.1 64


Hi, thank you, problem resolved when i updated my SDR# from 1317 to 1331.