NooElec RTL-SDR Giveaway on and NooElec are currently running a big competition to give away 50 of their new SMA RTL-SDR dongles (branded as NooElec SMArt). To enter simply go to the competition post on and comment on their post (not ours!). The compeition closes on August 7 at 20:00 UTC.

They are giving away a total of 50 units: two bundles that come with their SMA RTL-SDR and Ham-It-Up Upconverter, one bundle with a Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR dongle, three double pack RTL-SDR + antenna bundles, ten double packs of RTL-SDR dongles, ten RTL-SDR + antenna sets, and ten sets of just the RTL-SDR dongle itself.

The NooElec SMART is NooElec’s latest RTL-SDR variant which like ours comes with an SMA coax plug and metal enclosure.

NooElec SMArt giveaway on
NooElec SMArt giveaway on


  1. FJIM

    Only to licensed radio operators.

    It’s a bummer, since I find it very difficult to get a license; not because the tests are difficult, but because test locations, at least in Europe, seem very sparse and the schedules impractical for people with a job.

    • SkipF

      The easiest WAY to get one (if you have a JOB) is to visit…
      The price is ridiculous.
      I didn’t want to wait the week, nor pay SHIPPING so I got THREE.
      But I still entered.

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