and RTL-SDR Giveaway Competition

Over on there is currently a giveaway where you can win some NooElec SDR packages. Up to 30 prizes are available, and the deadline for entering is 14 June 2017, 18:00 UTC. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment on their post (do not accidentally leave a competition entry comment on this post!). The winner will be announced on their website on 15 June 2017.

The first prize is a NESDR SMArt XTR HF Bundle. The NESDR SMArt XTR is an E4000 unit with SMA connector in the SMArt form factor. E4000 dongles have a higher maximum frequency range of up to 2.3 GHz, but a lower frequency minimum of 64 MHz. However, generally the R820T2 chip has better RF performance. The prize bundle comes with a ham-it-up upconverter, a balun 1:9, and some whip antennas.

The second prize is a NESDR Nano 2+ ADS-B bundle. The Nano 2+ is a small 1 cm x 1 cm dongle which is often used for Android mobile devices, or computing hardware like Raspberry Pi’s. The bundle comes with 1090 and 978 MHz whip antennas and some adapters.

Third prize is the same as the second prize, but with a Nano 2. The difference between the Nano 2 and Nano 2+ is that the Nano 2 does not have a TCXO. The fourth, fifth and sixth prizes are individual dongles.

First and Second Prize in the Giveaway.
First and Second Prize Bundles in the Giveaway.
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Anyone know simple program or terminal instruction how to set sdr on mac,high sierra.


I agree, I purchased a NooElec NESDR SMart dongle package and a HamItUp Upconverter. I had a defective upconverter and after troubleshooting with a NooElect Support person via online chat, it was confirmed that my HamItUp was defective and a replacement was shipped and arrived less than a week later. No troubles with this one, just hours of enjoying HF and SW reception


Bought my first SDR dongle from Nooelec, they are a great company to deal with, good prices, support after the sale, friendly sales staff, no downside to dealing with them. They are a first-class company.


I fully agree, i don’t care what everybody else is saying 🙂