RTL-SDR Based Coherent Multichannel Receiver

YO3IIU has written a post on his blog showing how he was able to create a coherent multichannel receiver using several RTL-SDR dongles all running on a single clock source.

To do this he used a CDCLVC1310-EVM board which provides up to 10 clock outputs and then connected four of the clock outputs to the clock inputs of four separate RTL-SDR dongles. He then uses a GNU Radio program to correlate the signals from each RTL-SDR stick.

Recently we have seen two applications of an RTL-SDR based coherent multichannel receiver used in passive a radar systems here and here.

Coherent Multichannel Receiver based on the RTL-SDR
Coherent Multichannel Receiver based on the RTL-SDR
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How have you correlated the signals in GNU Radio?