RTL-SDR based Passive Multistatic RADAR used to Track Aircraft

Over on YouTube user Ben Silverwood has uploaded a video showing the results of his RTL-SDR passive radar. The passive radar works using two RTL-SDR dongles receiving a DAB radio tower’s radio waves that are reflected off the aircraft. On the video you are able to see the aircraft radar blip on the animated Matlab plots.

Previously we posted about another similar passive radar project in this post.

Low cost RTL-SDR passive multistatic DAB radar.

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Zeke Dawdy

Great job Ben.


Hi! Can you share your setup and relevant part in your setup?
What have you done do mantain the dongles syncronized?

Ben Silverwood

G’day all,
The bloke who threw this together here. Certainly was a pleasant surprise to see my fiddling about up on the website that has helped a lot through it all.
If anyone has any questions I’ll be sure to help as best I can, but it isn’t anything overly fancy. Rather nice to have a decent result for around the $100 mark though and I plan on doing some more processing with my signals.


Hi Ben,
Could I get your email address? Want to speak to you regarding this project a bit more and share some ideas.