RTL-SDR Blog SDR Unit Sale!

As many of you know we have been working on releasing a new revision of our RTL-SDR Blog SDR units for the last few months. We are a few weeks away from being able to release news about this new unit and begin sales.  At the moment we are still confirming the features and testing the prototypes so cannot release any news, but if you want a hint at what features might be coming you can take a look at our previous poll asking RTL-SDR users what they wanted in a low cost SDR. The new units may include some of these features/improvements.

For now we are selling off our current batch at reduced prices. The dongle only package is reduced from $19.95 to $17.95, and while the dongle + antenna kit is sold out in our international store, we have reduced its price from $24.95 down to $23.95 on our Amazon USA store.

You can purchase our units from our store at www.rtl-sdr.com/store.

These prices will only last until this batch of stock runs out, and there are only a few hundred units remaining. This special offer also combines with our 5% off deal if you buy more than two items from our store.


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i just read this with a four days delay… could you plase send out an email at least to all previous purchasers for your next product announcement? alternatively, could you please setup a mailing list where people interested like me could simply subscribe to be promptly notified ?
thank you,


Well this is very exciting news, I hope the new version of the dongle includes HF, my spending fingers are getting itchy, hi hi.


I hate you guys.

Here’s how the conversation with the CFO is going to go:
Me: “Honey, I need to buy another couple of RTL-SDRs .. they’re on sale”
Her: “But you already have two”
Me: “But they’re on sale … BTW a new version is coming in a few weeks and I’ll need to buy a couple of those as well”
Her: “Can’t you wait for the new version?”
Me: “No, because the old ones are on sale and they will all disappear if I don’t act soon ….”
Her: “So what are you going to do with them all?”
Me: “I don’t know, maybe backup … I’ll think of something …”
Her: “You are going to buy something that you have no idea what you’re going to do with?????”
Me: “Ummm … I’ll think of something” (internally debating whether to ask what she plans on doing with her collection of Precious Moments and Barbie Dolls that sit there and do nothing).


LOL, that sounds awfully familiar. Although any more she’s given up on asking “Why”. 20+ years of being a ham’s wife has worn her down I reckon. 🙂