RTL-SDR Virtual Reality Spectrum Display Software Released

Back in September 2021 we posted about Manahiyo's software that allows the RF spectrum and related graphs to be viewed in virtual reality, using a VR headset and an RTL-SDR. Back then the software was only demonstrated on YouTube, but not released.

A few days ago Manahiyo released the VR software on GitHub. The software requires a Oculus/Meta Quest2 VR headset, and the it is able to run directly on the headset's computing hardware. This makes it possible to have the RTL-SDR attached to the headset itself.

RTL-SDR VR Software for Oculus Quest 2
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Speaking from an engineering perspective, this is literally the stupidest SA-related thing I have ever seen. As an analyzer, it is literally useless, since if you were actually in your lab or in the field with the intent of conducting measurements, well, so much for that since you have zero visibility of your bench, your test setup, your notepad, etc etc etc. Add on top of that this absolutely idiotic “avatar” and it seems that what we have here is just some idiot who learned what a spectrum analyzer was, and decided that it must be some kind of toy, not an instrument used for testing, development, exploration, etc. Literal garbage project, I would download this just so I could delete it. An AVATAR. WTF. LOL.


Wow, nice way to shit on someone’s fun project. I like it and it seems that you have no imagination. Imagine heatmapping EMI and RF in AR, which is exactly what his other project is. Switch between an AR map and specan in the field when needed. As for the avatar…who cares??? He’s Japanese, this sort of thing is a part of Japanese culture.


So bitter, so sad. Who hurt you?