Frugal Radio: Travelling with SDR & Scanner Gear

Over on his YouTube channel Frugal Radio, Rob has uploaded a new video whilst on holiday travelling through the USA. In the video he shows what sort of scanner radios, antennas and SDR gear he carries with him on his travels. His gear includes a Uniden SDS-100 scanner, a BCD325 scanner, a Radio-Tone RT4 internet network radio and of course an RTL-SDR Blog V3 and laptop.

He goes on to demonstrate the hardware in action from his Hotel room, decoding local digital audio.

A peek in Frugal's Travel Bag : SDR & Scanner gear on the road

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Vitor Martins Augusto

I have done that around 6 years ago:
My recommendation is to use a two dongles: one RTL compatible dongle for SDR, the other with regular drivers for DVB-T. This way you are set for both radio and TV when travelling.