Frugal Radio: Monitoring Aviation Communications Part One

Rob from Frugal Radio has recently started a new YouTube series all about monitoring aviation communications. In his first video Rob gives an overview on what can be aviation signals can monitored and recommends a few hardware scanners as well as software defined radios for monitoring.

This is an introductory video to my new series aimed about monitoring aviation communications. Throughout the series we will talk about:

  • Civil Airband (aka VHF airband)
  • Military Airband (aka UHF airband)
  • HF Aeronautical communications
  • Decoding aircraft data on HF and VHF
  • Decoding CPDLC transmissions and much more!
  • Good frequency scanners to use, like the Uniden BC125AT and BCT-15X
  • Recommended Software Defined Radios (SDR)
Monitoring Aviation Communications - Part 1

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