Frugal Radio: SDR Guide Ep 6 – Trunk Tracking Public Safety Systems with UniTrunker and SDRTrunk

In this episode of Frugal Radio's ongoing SDR Guide videos Rob demonstrates how he uses Unitrunker and SDR Trunk with SDRs like an RTL-SDR to monitor Public Safety networks in his area. Rob writes:

This is a video demonstrating how I use UniTrunker and SDRTrunk with Software Defined Radios to monitor multiple Public Safety networks in my area.

There is some information on how trunked systems work, and you can hear how my SDRs produce better P25 audio on a Simulcast (LSM) system than some scanners.

I use a couple of RTL-SDR v3s and an Airspy R2 in this episode.

2020 SDR Guide Ep 6 : Trunk tracking Public Safety systems with UniTrunker and SDRTrunk

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“Trunk Tracking Public Safety Systems with UniTrunker and SDRTrunk”… I don’t know what planet you live on but here on Earth where I live all the trunked public safety systems in my area are P25 ENCRYPTED. So what’s the point?

Frugal Radio

You can still ‘see’ activity, even on the encrypted channels. But there are many lucky folk who’s local P25 systems have very few encrypted channels.