SDRSharp Big Guide Book Updated to V5.5

Paolo Romani (IZ1MLL) has recently released version 5.5 of his SDRSharp PDF Guide. The book is available for download on the Airspy downloads page, just scroll down to the title "SDR# Big Book" and choose your language. (At the time of this post only English and Italian are available for 5.5, but multiple languages are available for the older guides).

The latest version brings the book up to 214 pages in length, and adds information about the RTL-SDR Blog antenna kit, and new SDR# plugins like ListenInfo.

SDRSharp Big Book V5.5
SDRSharp Big Book V5.5
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Thanks for providing the information about this book. I’ve heard a lot about it, but I’ve not read it yet. It has 214 pages, and I think there are a lot of useful information there. Some time ago, I worked on one paper dedicated to a similar theme, and I mentored SDR, too. I also used some help from with a more theoretical part of that paper and was more focused on describing different practical things and tools. And my knowledge was not that good, so I needed to find some more time to finally read it and learn something new and useful.