SignalsEverywhere: Installing and Configuring OP25 Phase 1 & 2 Digital Voice Decoder on Linux

In this weeks video Sarah from the SignalsEverywhere YouTube channel show us how to install and configure the OP25 software on a Linux machine. OP25 is a Linux based P25 digital voice decoder which works with RTL-SDR dongles. It is capable of decoding both Phase 1 and Phase 2 systems. Installation is fairly simple via an installation script, but it does take some time to install. After installation Sarah shows how to configure the software in order to properly follow a trunked P25 system. In order to help with importing talkgroup information from a premium RadioReference account Sarah has also created an automatic importer Python script which is very useful.

OP25 Installation and Configuration Tutorial | Setup OP25 P25 Phase 1 and 2 SDR Decoder on Linux Pi

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Looks bulletproof! Except, your import script errors with line 1-2-3 etc. It needs work. Do you have an updated script that is working. The concept is a good idea… if it worked.

scott richardson

Why don’t ANY of the tutorials work? broken links, missing files


correct, op25 only uses 1 dongle.


Thanks for the tutorial. My assumption from the video is that a single SDR dongle is needed, can you confirm? Im setting up the hardware/software now and expect my SDR in the mail Friday. Thanks!