Spyverter Sneak Preview

The Spyverter is being developed by the creators of the Airspy software defined radio to be a high performance upconverter. It is designed for use with the Airspy, but may also be compatible with other SDR devices too.

Compared to most other upconverters which use a diode ring mixer architecture, the Spyverter uses a different, as of yet undisclosed architecture. The main claimed advantages over other upconverters will be it’s low loss and high IIP3 performance, which means that the Spyverter will not saturate in the presence of strong signals as easily as other upconverters.

Recently a photo of a Spyverter alpha board was released, indicating that the Spyverter is getting close to release.

The Spyverter Alpha
The Spyverter Alpha

Also, a few months ago W9RAN posted a YouTube video about a prototype HF upconverter for the Airspy and we believe he was using an early version of the Spyverter.

Airspy HF Converter Sneak Peek by W9RAN

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A kind of H-mode mixer