Direct Sampling 14 MHz Low Pass Filter and Galvanic Isolator for the RTL-SDR now for sale in Japan

Previously we posted about Japanese RTL-SDR experimenter Nobu and his work in prototyping a new 14 MHz low pass filter and galvanic isolator for use with the RTL-SDR. The low pass filter improves reception when using the RTL-SDR in direct sampling mode by reducing out of band interference and the galvanic isolator (isolation transformer) reduces computer and other noise when using the RTL-SDR with an upconverter.

The products can be bought from the Japanese Amazon store [Galvanic Isolator] [Low Pass Filter], however to purchase from outside of Japan you will need to use a third party shopping service available at

If you are interested in Nobu’s products, he also has direct sampling modified RTL-SDR dongles and dongles with 10 ppm crystals available, as well as his own upconverter for sale in Japan.

Galvanic Isolator
Galvanic Isolator
14 MHz Low Pass Filter
14 MHz Low Pass Filter
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is anyone selling the galvanic isolator outside of japan? amazon japan is a nightmare. the agent jzool thing is rubbish.

Einar - LA8BB

I have had no issues ordering from If some sellers do not ship outside of the US, you can always use a forwarding service like Blackship, makes it real easy.