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A Facebook Group about 10GHz Experiments for Beginners

Thank you to Jean Marie (F5VLB) who has written in and wanted to share an invitation to their Facebook group where they are discussing ways for beginners to get into low cost 10 GHz (SHF) experiments. The 10 GHz band is generally considered tough to break into due to the precision required at these frequencies, however Jean notes how they are making use of readily available TV LNBs, RTL-SDRs and free software for their experiments. Jean writes:

I would like to present to you here about a Facebook group that addresses (only) radio enthusiasts, whether it is SWL or loose amateur radio and are interested in the high bands (SHF). On my life of Ham Radio I have never found a site that explains clearly, without big expenses, how to explore these bands.

The purpose of this FB group is to gently take you to this world, reserved for the experts, and yet accessible with reasonable means, with facilities found in the TV SAT store from the corner of the street. For some 50$ you will be ready with a dish, a lnb, a tx module.

The site begins. In 3 weeks 116 members came to join us. We go slowly, step by step.

The result ? It will listen to a satellite at 36000km, listening to tags everywhere around you, emit (if you have the license) on these mythical bands of 10 and 5.7 GHz.

This is aimed at young people aged 7 to 77, without special knowledge.

Want to know more ?

So come on https://www.facebook.com/groups/bzh10ghz this site is for you. And for others who are far in front of us, do not hesitate to bring your comments, simple, kind and taking into account that this site is made for newbies.

10 GHz Equipment and Group (Images provided by Jean Marie F5VLB)