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SI-SDR-UG Recorded Livestream: Corey Explains DF-Aggregator for KrakenSDR and KerberosSDR

The South Indian SDR User Group (SI-SDR-UG) have recently held their fourth live stream conference. This conference included some interesting talks such as:

  • "Introduction to GNU Radio Series, Part 2" by Neel Pandeya
  • "Silice, a Language for Hardcoding Algorithms into FPGA Hardware" by Dr.Sylvain Lefebvre
  • "RF Geo-Location for Everyone" by Corey Koval
  • "Overview of Wireless Channels, Part 1" by Aditya Arun Kumar

In particular we were interested in Corey's talk which starts at 1:27:40 and talks about DF-Aggregator, an open source mapping program he's written for KerberosSDR, KrakenSDR and any other radio direction finding hardware that can be adapted to the software. In the talk Corey explains what DF-Aggregator is and how the clustering algorithm works.

South Indian SDR User Group (SI-SDR-UG) Live Stream Event-4