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An RTL-SDR Add-on for the Kodi Entertainment System Software

Kodi is a media player and entertainment hub program that is used to manage digital video collections and music. It is used mostly on TV’s together with a home theater PC, or Raspberry Pi 3, but also runs on Android and iOS. It can be thought of as more fully featured smart TV software.

Recently we’ve seen that there is an ‘add-on’ (plugin) for Kodi which allows FM radio reception with RDS to be received with an RTL-SDR dongle from directly within the Kodi interface (kodi wiki link). The software has been around for a while now, but we hadn’t seen it before. It looks like an easy and cheap way to add broadcast FM capabilities to a home theater PC. Currently the add-on only supports Kodi on Linux and on Raspberry Pi’s. 

The interface allows for manual tuning and for creating presets of your favorite stations.

Kodi RTL-SDR Add-On
Kodi RTL-SDR Add-On