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Tech Minds: Taking a look at the new HackRF PortaPack Mayhem Version 2 Firmware

A few days ago the programmers of the popular Mayhem firmware for the HackRF Portapack released version V2.0.0. The new version includes multiple improvements specified in the release text below.

We are super excited to share the what's new with v2.0.0

  • Apps are now stored on the MicroSD Card so we can fit more apps on the device.
  • New file format that contains both the firmware and SD card apps to make updating super easy. (mayhem_v2.0.0_OCI.ppfw.tar)
  • Working USB serial communication when in Portapack mode
  • USB serial web interface (see details a few lines later)
  • One click update using https://hackrf.app
  • New USB serial commands
  • A bunch of bug fixes (see the changelog for the various bugs)
  • Updated 'Settings' (app settings editor, encoder options, date ,config mode, brightness...)
  • BLE apps
  • Raw auto record and replay (see Recon in wiki)

A brand new website to manage your device, https://hackrf.app

  • Can work offline once loaded first (Offline PWA)
  • Remote screen support
  • Remote file system access
  • One click firmware updates
  • Requires a chromium based browser to work

A new organization, Mayhem: https://github.com/portapack-mayhem where you can fin the sources of all our projects! Pull Requests are welcome :-)

Over on the Tech Minds YouTube channel Matt has uploaded a video showing off the new features of the Mayhem V2.0.0 firmware, and also showing how to install it. In the video Matt shows the new SD card browsing features, the new easy firmware one click update procedure, and the new web UI.

The Portapack is an accessory designed to enhance the HackRF software-defined radio (SDR), enabling portable operation. It integrates a display, user interface controls, and onboard processing capabilities. This setup allows for the direct demodulation/modulation and decoding/encoding of a wide variety of signal types without the need for an external computer.

The Best HackRF Portapack Firmware Yet - Mayhem Version 2