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OpenWiFi: Open Source FPGA and SDR Based WiFi Implementation

OpenWiFi is a Linux mac80211 compatible full-stack IEEE802.11/Wi-Fi design based on an FPGA and SDR (Software Defined Radio). It aims to be the first full open source implementation of the entire WiFi stack. While the current design does not provide any feature benefits over commercial closed source chips, it is beneficial from an education standpoint, and also from a security view as any open source FPGA code can be verified to not have backdoors. The SDRs used in the project are typically not ones seen on this blog as they mostly exist on research dev boards optimized for the 2.4 GHz band.

Recently the FOSDEM 2020 conference talks from February 2020 have been released on YouTube and a talk titled Opensource "Wi-Fi chip design" and Linux drivers by Xianjun Jiao was uploaded. The talk explains OpenWiFi in detail, and why or why not you might want to use it. 

Individuals, SMEs, opensource communities and big companies have shown big interests on the openwifi project. They also asked many questions, such as MIMO support, CSI information support, roadmap and opensource license consideration. One new interesting message, which is not expected before, is that: People are willing to pay more for a WiFi chip not because the chip’s performance is better but just because they can check the chip silicon source code (Verilog/VHDL/C) on github if they have privacy/security concern. So far, not any commercial WiFi chip discloses their silicon source code. After the FOSDEM, the project has reached 545 stars on github.

Openwifi talk at FOSDEM 2020