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Tech Minds: A Review of the SDRplay RSP1B and SDRConnect Preview 2 Demonstration

A few days ago we posted about the recent release of the SDRplay RSP1B software defined radio, which is an upgrade over the previous RSP1A model. The changes include a new steel enclosure, significantly improved noise performance under 1 MHz and in the 50 - 60 MHz region, noticeable noise improvements in the 3.5 - 5.5 MHz and 250 - 320 MHz range, and improved signal handling at HF frequencies.

Over on the Tech Minds YouTube channel, Matt has released a video testing the new RSP1B. He notes that thanks to the improved noise performance under 1 MHz, reception of NDB's from airports is significantly better.

Matt also tests SDRConnect Preview 2 which is SDRplay's new multiplatform receiver software. It is currently in 'preview', so features are still being added, and there may be bugs. In the video Matt shows a few of the new features in SDRConnect Preview 2 including band selection buttons, IQ recorder, asymmetrical, notch filtering and the remote server feature which allows SDRplay devices to be used over a network or internet connection.

The NEW RSP1B SDR Receiver From SDRPlay