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T——o SDR: A MultiMode SDR Receiver Program

Recently a reader of RTL-SDR.com wrote in and submitted a link to T——–o SDR, which is an RTL-SDR compatible multimode SDR decoder program for Windows. (The website is in Italian but is easily translated with Google Translate). In terms of operation it appears to be quite similar to SDR#, and other programs like SDR-Console and HDSDR.

Like all other general purpose receiver software it is capable of decoding NFM/AM/WFM/SSB/CW modes. It also has digital noise reduction built in as well as an S-Meter and frequency manager list.

Update: Unfortunately we have been informed by the developer of SDR# that this software was illegally decompiled from a relatively new SDR# version and is thus stolen work. We looked further into the software and it is essentially an exact clone of SDR#, just with a different skin. Please do not use this software, and respect software legality. 

Essentially it appears that they took the closed source SDR# program, decompiled it then reskinned it and then made it open source under a new name.

Obviously this is unacceptable behavior, so out of respect for the original SDR# developers hard work we’ve removed links and references to this software on our website.