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Running rtl_tcp over the TOR Network

Over on his DragonOS YouTube tutorial channel Aaron has uploaded a video showing how it is possible to run rtl_tcp over the TOR network. TOR is an "anonymity network" which routes your internet traffic through thousands of volunteer nodes in order to make tracing your internet activity more difficult.

Aaron's tutorial shows how to route rtl_tcp traffic through a TOR connection on his Linux distribution DragonOS (although it should work on any Linux distro), and connect to it with GQRX.

However, a major caveat is that the data streaming result is rather poor with there being lots of data drops, probably due to the slowness of the TOR network. Perhaps running a smaller sample rate, or using a more efficient server like Spyserver might work better.  

DragonOS LTS Remote access RTL-SDR over TOR network (Gqrx, rtl_tcp, OpenWRT)