Talks and Tutorials from GNU Radio Days 2019 Now on YouTube

GNU Radio Days is a yearly European conference all about GNU Radio and its applications with software defined radios. GNU Radio is an open source digital signal processing (DSP) toolkit which is often used in cutting edge radio applications and research to implement decoders, demodulators and various SDR algorithms.

Over on YouTube talks and tutorials from the 2019 GNU Radio Days event have recently been uploaded. There are some interesting talks available including talks about SatNOGS, KiwiSDR, very long baseline interferometry radio astronomy, phase noise & digital noise explanations, as well as several tutorials with topics such as how to write a GNU Radio block and how to hack a proprietary protocol.

GNU Radio Days 2019 Talks
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Jon gudson

GNU radio is a great way to introduce radio to STEM undergraduates – It is used extensively in this ready made set of teaching materials for lecturers