Testing Public Airspy HF+ SpyServers over the Internet

SpyServer is a streaming server for SDR# which allows you to use Airspy and RTL-SDR radios remotely over a network connection. There is now a list of publicly available SpyServers that you can connect to over on the airspy.com website.

The servers that are currently online include some streaming from Airspy HF+ devices, which is the hotly anticipated but as of yet unreleased HF receiver from Airspy. Over the last few months and weeks a number of prototype devices went out to testers and programmers and some have now put them online with a SpyServer. There are also some Airspy One/Mini and RTL-SDR devices available for streaming too.

To connect to one of the servers simply download the latest version of SDR# from airspy.com, and then in SDR# select SpyServer from the Source menu. Enter the URL from the list into the box and press the play button up the top. Note that you must ensure that there are no spaces after entering the URL in SDR#.

Most servers are locked to a particular frequency band, but some allow for free tuning. But if more than one person is connected to the server free tuning will be locked until there is only one person connected again. Currently streaming from most servers seems smooth, but it's possible that some may struggle if many users are connected at once.

If you want to set up your own SpyServer then we recently put up a tutorial which is available here.

The current list of SpyServers
The current list of SpyServers

Alternative streaming SDR lists for other non-Airspy SDR hardware include sdr.hu and websdr.org, but those stream compressed audio instead of IQ data.

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Great, I enjoyed listening but unable to tune on different frequency.


Great, i enjoyed receiving wefax at 5807 KHz from NZ 🙂
but can’t the server list be saved? adresses do not remain in the drop down menu


MORE of these please. I live in a city, and reception here is TERRIBLE. This allows me to grab a cup of bandwidth from some one and listen to a lot of stuff. Not enough coverage ( i need freqs above 8mhz), could see a couple of Airspy R2s for DC to 16 MHz for example. Remote Listening.