TinySDR: An OpenSource SDR for IoT Applications

We recently came across a relatively new SDR design that is called "TinySDR". The design is entirely open source and is focused on helping analyze wireless Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Currently the device is not manufactured and sold by anyone, but the open source Altium Designer PCB files, BOM and firmware can be found on their GitHub.

Over on hackster.io Tom Fleet has also given the TinySDR a writeup. He notes that the design is based around the AT86RF215 transceiver chip and a Lattice Semiconductor ECP5 FPGA. The board is split into an input for 2.4 GHz and a sub-GHz input. On the GitHub there are currently demo files available to turn the SDR into LoRa and FSK modulators.

The TinySDR
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Pretty sure Altium rules out calling it ‘open hardware’.