WarDragon Running KrakenSDR to TAK Python and Federate TAK Server

Over on YouTube Aaron, creator of DragonOS and the WarDragon portable SDR kit has posted a video showing how he was able to set up an run the KrakenSDR to TAK python software, as well as a Federate TAK server on WarDragon. Aaron writes:

In this video, we delve into the integration between the KrakenSDR and TAK (Tactical Assault Kit) server, orchestrated by SignalMedic. SignalMedic introduces his Python-based update to his previous NodeRed-dependent system, designed to extract data from the KrakenSDR and relay it to a TAK server.

Witness the capabilities of SignalMedic's creation as we showcase its functionalities with two KrakenSDR endpoints, transmitting lines of bearing and other information to our TAK server setup. We explore setting up and running SignalMedic's project on a WarDragon, a custom kit powered by DragonOS that I've enhanced with a KrakenSDR specifically for this demonstration.

Join us as we demonstrate the integration between the KrakenSDR and the TAK server, showcasing the ease of setup and operation, thanks to previous tutorials on setting up a TAK server and configuring inputs for KrakenSDR data streams. We address challenges encountered during communication between TAK servers and discuss the manual certificate import process from SignalMedic's server to ensure smooth operation.

Additionally, we touch upon federating two TAK servers to enable seamless information sharing between environments, enhancing situational awareness and operational efficiency.

I also mention the perviously explored the Goatak project, an ATAK client for Linux written in GO, which promises to expand the capabilities and accessibility of TAK operations on Linux platforms.

In the past we posted about SignalMedic's KrakenSDR to TAK converter, but it was recently updated to be written in full Python, so it no longer requires the NodeRED dependency.

If you weren't already aware, KrakenSDR is our 5-channel coherent radio based on RTL-SDRs, and it can be used for applications like radio direction finding. It can be purchased on Crowd Supply.

TAK (Tactical Assault Kit) is software used by the military and other organizations for visualizing geospatial information such as enemy and friendly positions. Civilian versions of TAK also exist, such as ATAK for Android. Previously we posted about how ATAK has the ability to plot aircraft positions via an RTL-SDR receiving ADS-B.

WarDragon KrakenSDR to TAK Python + Federate TAK Server w/ K2T Developer (KrakenSDR)

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