Windows Version of the Fully Exposed RTL-SDR Driver now Available

Last week we posted about Milen Rangelov’s (gat3way) new RTL-SDR driver which has exposed filter and gain settings for the R820T/2 chip. This should let you tweak for optimal reception much better. Previously the driver was only available for Linux, however, now over on SourceForge user randaller has ported this driver to Windows.

To use the driver in SDR# simply unzip all the files into the SDR# folder, then while using the dongle in SDR# open the librtlsdr_wincontrol.exe file to open the control interface. The interface also has the ability to directly write values to a register, which together with the newly released register datasheet, can be useful for experimenting with the R820T2 chip.

The description reads:

Unpack all files to SDRSharp folder, start SDR# playback, then run controller exe file.
Do not forget to allow software to use UDP/32323 port in your firewall.

You may use this rtlsdr.dll with osmocom or other software, of course.
It is fully compatible to original one.

There are UDP server on 32323 port inside of rtlsdr.dll. It accepts and answers \n-terminated strings and accept two easy commands: get and set register. Examples:
g 5\n – will return value of R5
s 7 10 15\n – will set four lowest bits (mask 0x0f) of R7 with value 10
s 12 174 255\n – will write complete byte to R12
All values should be decimal.
You may use this feature to develop own gui controller with beauty knobs.


The driver GUI.
The driver GUI.
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DB Gain

These filtering options should be added to hdsdr, sdr#, and the rest of the sdr apps so as to maximise performance of the beloved rtl, that is, if they’re not already. I can’t see a sdr app dev not wanting to use these functions but then again I’m not a dev but I do stare at code often enough. Shame they’re not in the signal path in direct sampling mode.
Also, happy holidays!


Not compatible with RTL-SDR.RU decimation driver


Maybe ask nicely if developer can add new features (the binary files for the decimation driver are ~15 months old, expecting it to be compatible with new software written a weeks ago it a little bit much):


With this driver I have significant frequency shift on L-Band. Signals are shifted +2 MHz approx (1547 MHz instead of 1545 MHz). And even 1000 ppm correction in SDR# is not enough to fix the issue.


This driver working on my old R820T chip. But modrtl SDR driver is good because this driver can below down after 24 MHz .