Working towards an FPGA DSP Implementation with LabVIEW for the RTL-SDR

Back in August we posted how Albert Lederer had created a RTL-SDR interface for the LabVIEW visual programming language which could be run on a host PC. LabVIEW is a visual programming language which is used commonly by engineers and scientists to quickly build applications for things like product testing, system monitoring, instrument control etc.

In his latest post/tutorial uploaded a few days ago he shows how to run the RTL-SDR RF acquisition on a myRIO, which is a development processing board that can run Linux and has an on board FPGA. LabVIEW can then be used to control the RTL-SDR from the host PC.

The whole point of running the RTL-SDR on the myRIO is to eventually make use of the on board FPGA. In future posts he hopes to show us how to use the on board FPGA to offload digital signal processing (DSP) tasks,  which would significantly speed up applications.

Data flow for offloading RTL-SDR DSP tasks onto the FPGA
Data flow for offloading RTL-SDR DSP tasks onto the FPGA

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