LuaRadio: New Flowgraph Based Digital Signal Processing Framework for SDR

LuaRadio is a new Digital Signal Processing (DSP) framework for software defined radios such as the RTL-SDR. It is similar to GNU Radio in that the flowgraph is composed of graphical blocks that can be visually connected to one another in an editor. However compared to GNURadio it aims to be very lightweight in terms of disk space used (1 MB footprint) and the number of dependencies required (zero dependencies required unless you need real time highly optimized libraries). It is also written purely in the Lua programming language. The authors of LuaRadio write “LuaRadio is more inclined towards scripting and prototyping than GNU Radio, and emphasizes fast block development.”

On their website there are already several example application flowgraphs uploaded, such as decoders for WBFM Mono/Stereo, NBFM, AX.25, POCSAG, RDS, AM and SSB. Looking and building such flowgraphs is extremely helpful for learning DSP, and DSP languages like this are excellent for prototyping new signal decoders. In addition, if you are new to SDR they also have a very useful page that explains basic SDR and radio concepts.

A LuaRadio based POCSAG decoder flowgraph.
A LuaRadio based POCSAG decoder flowgraph.
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