SDR# GPredict Satellite Tracking Plugin

Thanks to Alex for submitting news about his new SDR# plugin called "SDRSharp.GpredictConnector". This plugin allows SDR# to interface with GPredict which is a tool used for tracking the orbit of satellites. Just like with the DDE Tracking plugin and the Orbitron satellite tracking program this plugin could be used to automatically tune SDR# to the frequency of a passing satellite using GPredict. It should also be able to compensate for any doppler shift frequency offset.

To use with SDR# simply download the zip file and move the .dll file into the SDR# folder. Then add the 'magicline' to the plugins.xml file using a text editor. In GPredict you can then add a radio interface from the preferences, and then use the 'Radio Connect' interface to connect to the plugin.

Connecting to GPredict using the GPredictConnector SDR# Plugin
Connecting to GPredict using the GPredictConnector SDR# Plugin
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james brady

I dont have plugins.xml file. Should i create one?

r fairman

im confused if have the gpredict plugin installed in sdr sharp and set up a radio interface in g predict but what is the radio connect interface i need as mentioned in the insructions

Scott Wylie

This would be great!

mar her

Is there a possibility to control the recording of data in SDR# during the AOS and LOS given in Gpredict?


Is there a method to specify a different port? I am using port 4532 for hamlib. Assuming I could use both the RTL-SDR and my FT857 in Gpredict concurrently, then a different port seems prudent. Thanks!


Can I set the mode in SDR# >

Rick CN8ST

Yes Jeff you can. It works perfectly with sdr# ….any version !