New SDR# Plugin: IF Recorder

On, the author of several SDR# plugins has uploaded a new one called “IF Recorder”. This plugin allows you to easily record an IQ file of just the intermediate frequency (IF). In SDR#, the IF is the shaded area with the red line which you use to tune with.

This plugin looks to be great for recording example IQ samples of signals because the output file will be significantly smaller and more manageable compared to recording the entire bandwidth. It is also useful for recording IQ files for use in decoding METEOR M2 weather satellite images, as the decoding software requires an IQ file of the LRPT signal. The plugin also has a schedule option which could be used to start and stop recording the METEOR M2 weather satellite signals automatically.

IF (Intermediate Frequency) Recorder SDR# Plugin
IF (Intermediate Frequency) Recorder SDR# Plugin
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