SDR# TETRA Plugin Updated: No longer requires MSYS2

Last week we posted about the release of a new TETRA decoder plugin for SDR#. The plugin made setting up a TETRA decoder significantly easier compared to previous methods, but it still required the installation and use of the MSYS2 environment on Windows. 

Thanks to reader Zlati for letting us know that the TETRA plugin has recently been updated once again and now no longer requires MSYS2 to be installed first. Now it is as easy to install as any other plugin, just drop the .dlls into the SDR# folder and add the magicline to the plugins.xml file. We tested it out and decoding worked fine. At the moment the "Net info" button is not working however.

x64 plugin:
x86 plugin:

New Link:

In the future news and download lines for newer versions will probably be available on the programmers forum thread which is available here (use Google Translate to read):

Updated TETRA Decoder Plugin
Updated TETRA Decoder Plugin
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There is a bug in Tetra Plugin (I think only in last version, because in past I didn’t have this problem).
If voice channel is in “auto mode”, it stops decoding after exactly 5 seconds and “from” field turns to 0 but remains red; but if I manually set voice channel to the correct channel it doesn’t stop decoding.
At beginning I though it was somethink as “demo version” of software but I think it’s a bug.
How could I tell it to authors?

Jean-Philippe F5GKW

I am just begining to understand Tetra, My knowledge about is very poor, but I have found that :
and I use the tetra pluging developped by the author, just extract the
SDRSharp.tetra.dll and libtetradec.dll included in folder /zip TTT1.0.20.2 /plugings/ tetraX86 2019…..
You don’t need to write again the “magic line” as it is exactely the same ;).

You don’t need to install all the other files if you don’t want use TTT. ( I just start play with, I need to learn the new “radio vocabulary)
Works perfectly here on SDR#1732 /win7 64Bits.

the dowload link ( the newest realease at date of Feb. 2020 TTT1.15.8 ) :!rTIi1S4Q!nRqi12PJ87cLzO4zZsR4ovsRTG6p1Q4mgQYY5m8D0rs

73 Jean-Philippe F5GKW
( Hope my english understandable…. I can understand it myself ! 🙂


Does anybody know why my display keeps jumping around? I set the frequency I want and the about 10-15 seconds later, the peak i was set on, moves to the right! I re-center the red line and then it moves to the right again! I am chasing my desired frequency all over the place on SDRSharp on Win 7 64bit with V3 dongle. Driving me insane.


Where can I download a current version?


hi i need the download for tetra can some e mail me it at [email protected]


Where can I download a current version?


I olso get a error when starting the Demodulator, SDRSharp shuts off.
Anyone have an idea why?



Is there any way to filter or silence the encrypted data? I have one frequency with a few different users but one is encrypted. It would be nice to un-select them as the audio is quite loud and garbled


Does anyone know the ‘Rule’ for audio recording?



alguém sabe se existe algum plugin ou software que decodifica frequencias digitais criptografadas ?


If it uses a 128-bit encryption key, which would be the equivalent of a 32-character hexadecimal password or a 40 character decimal password, you could use similar methods used to crack those. So say at a million brute force password attempts per second, if that were possible, it would only take 10 thousand million trillion years roughly to search through the entire key space once.

Unless some fundamental flaw is found in the encryption algorithms used is found, no would be my answer.


My Sdrsharp will get an error and close when i click on Demodulate 🙁

New beta version of the SDR# TETRA plugin released.



I have trasteado with my RTL-SDR in my Notebook with W7 x86.
Installed Framework 4.7.1 (before 4.6), important upadate updates, and Visual Studio c ++ 2015 (probe with 2017 as well)
I get an error when I start the DEMODULATOR key.
Can someone say what is happening?
** I tested on my Aspiere ONE notebook ** with w7 x86 and it does not give errors … it is very little hadware to support the decoding and it ends up being blocked **

Signature with problems:
Name of the problem event: CLR20r3
Signature of the problem 01: SDRSharp.exe
Signature of the problem 02:
Signature of problem 03: 5ac3baf9
Signature of problem 04: SDRSharp.Tetra
Signature of problem 05:
Signature of the problem 06: 5ab27906
Signature of problem 07: a7
Signature of the problem 08: 7
Signing of problem 09: System.DllNotFoundException
Operating system version: 6.1.7601.
I.D. of regional regional: 3082
Additional information 1: 0a9e
Additional information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional information 3: 0a9e
Additional information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Read our online privacy statement:

If the online privacy statement is not available, read the privacy statement offline:
C: \ Windows \ system32 \ en-ES \ erofflps.txt

We will see someday run in raspberry pi 3? hopefully…
Greetings 73!


the x64 version link is broken


The plugin does not work with limeSDR. Anyone try it?

Aandrew Armstrong

Could you please upload a video to youtube to show where to files too and from and of this working

Cheers. Andy


The owner either removed the files or restricted access, or there’s a typo in the link.


It’s only the x86 version…
SDR# crashed after starting the demodulator.


Read carefully….
REQ2. INSTALL visual c++ 2015 redistributable (BOTH VERSION! x86 and x64 – Download a install both version!)
(a lot of hours invested in solving this!)


I have both installed, but I still get this error when I click “Demodulator”
Sender to tetra-rx – An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B)

I tried using the x86 version of the plugin as well but that one wouldn’t even come up in SDR# on the left side.


Alot of tetra networks are encryped with the TEA standard, is there some addon of utility availible to solve this.?


No, at least not until quantum computing has advanced enough to fully obsolete pretty much all of the current encryption technology in use today.


I get this error when starting the Demodulator:
Sender to tetra-rx – An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B)

Windows 10 64-bit, SDR# .1655 64-bit and the 64-bit plugin downloaded from this page


是否可以上传配置好的 RAR 文件?非常感谢!


Can I upload a configured RAR file? thank you very much!


was bedeuten die zahlen hinter jeden kanal ?


In Auto mode the plugin does not switch to slot channel 4. It has to be done manually.




doesnt work lol


In this latest version there are a few drawbacks, not just positives, but of course it differs to different people:
– Net info is not working
– The disappearing of the polarity invert button
– The polarity of the signal (number shown to increase / decrease frequency to get a better decoding)
– Missing the MSYS shell window also removes the option to see what’s happening with the data, You could for example test several settings, filters, gain and small frequency adjustment to observe the effect on the decoding. ‘could not find successive burst’ is a common problem when you have a weak signal or other misconfigurations. Since there is no current way to observe any of this information, it’s a lot harder to reliably decode weak networks.

I understand there is a diagram / signal representation but this is pretty useless whenever there is a lot of TETRA networks in close proximity of each other. Other than that, thanks a bunch

Overall, great work to the dev! just putting out my thoughts on this


It would be nice to have such a plugin for CW and trunked transmissions 🙂