TETRA Decoder Plugin for SDR# Now Available

Back in 2016 cURLy bOi released a Windows port of the Linux based "Telive" TETRA decoder. Now the latest development in TETRA decoders is that a TETRA decoder plugin for the SDR# software has been released. This makes setting up a TETRA decoder significantly simpler than before.

The plugin doesn't seem to be officially released anywhere, but we did find it thanks to @aborgnino's tweets on Twitter, and he found it on a Russian language radio scanner forum. The plugin is available as a direct download zip from here, but we suggest browsing to the last few posts in the forum thread to find the latest version.

Installing the plugin is a little more difficult that usual, as you first need to install MSYS2 which is a compatibility layer for Linux programs. The full installation instructions are included in the README.TXT in the zip file. One clarification from us: you need to copy the files in the msys_root/usr/bin folder from the zip file into the /usr/bin folder that is in your MSYS2 installation directory. 

We tested the plugin and found it to work well without any problems. With the plugin turned on you just need to simply tune to a TETRA signal in WFM mode, and you will instantly be decoding the audio.

TETRA is a type of digital voice and trunked radio communications system that stands for “Terrestrial Trunked Radio”. It is used heavily in many parts of the world, except for the USA. If you have unencrypted TETRA signals available in your area then you  can listen in on them with an appropriate SDR like an RTL-SDR and decoder software like the aforementioned plugin.

SDR# TETRA Plugin Running
SDR# TETRA Plugin Running
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Hola amigos espero que se encuentre muy bien porfa quien me puede pasar el PLUGIN TETRA PARA SDR WIN7 GRACIAS DE ANTEMANO

Ivan Jiang

download link expired


Hey. help me. Why is this happening?
Tetra plugin exception -System.DlINotFoundException: He yaaetca sarpysire DLL
“tetraVoiceDec”: He naiigen yrasannsit moayn. (Vcknrowene us HRESULT:

# SDRSharp.Tetra.NativeMethodstetra_ decode init)

# SDRSharp.Tetra.TetraDecoder.ctor(Control owner)

# SDRSharp.Tetra.TetraPanel.ctor(SharpControl control)


There is a bug in Tetra Plugin (I think only in last version, because in past I didn’t have this problem).
If voice channel is in “auto mode”, it stops decoding after exactly 5 seconds and “from” field turns to 0 but remains red; but if I manually set voice channel to the correct channel it doesn’t stop decoding.
At beginning I though it was somethink as “demo version” of software but I think it’s a bug.
How could I tell it to authors?


hi, when the audio comes out as a robot to call it in some way is because the communication is encrypted?


No funcionan los links


Are you investigating to decoficate tea 2? Thank you


Hi. Just to know if this plugin is meant to “pipe” Telive (Windows) to SDR#?


is thee anyway to keep the audio unmuted all the time, the audio is clipping on and off on me


Hello everybody, im new with this ,,tetra plugin”, and is work verry good but not understand that:

“””PDU encrypted:2 Data incorrect! SSI:………… Reserved26
PDU encrypted:2 Data incorrect! Carrier:….. TimeSlot:,,,,,,, SSI:…….. Reserved25
PDU encrypted:2,
PDU encrypted:2,
PDU encrypted:2″”””
PDU encrypted:2 Data incorrect! Carrier””””
pdu encrypted:2 what it means. or how to solve it.because normaly,don t apear that pdu.


Is there any way to filter or silence the encrypted data? I have one frequency with a few different users but one is encrypted. It would be nice to un-select them as the audio is quite loud and garbled


hmpf,, cant select the proper output device, 2 sound card, always picks a SPDIF device


Hi everyone,

I have the plugin working successfully with SDR# Does anyone know the rules syntax for audio recording?


Jordi Ramón Rodríguez

Same problem. Any solution?

Regards from Barcelona, Catalunya.



I have experienced an error in my windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.
I have installed Net Framewort 4.6 and visual studio c ++ 2017.
Previously I tested with visual studio c ++ 2015 and gave the same error.

I know that the SHEHZAD user, as I was able to read the comments below, had an error in his SdrSharp.
Shehzad solved it by installing visual studio c ++ for 64 and 32 bit machines.
In my case I can only install for 32 bit, so I can guess that your problem was solved in the installation of 64.

All the steps followed and tested again and again with the same error.
I always run as administrator of my system
I have also tried plugin installations in SdrSharp from other users that work, two installations from different users and always throws the same error.
Please help.

This is error:

Firma con problemas:
Nombre del evento de problema: CLR20r3
Firma del problema 01: SDRSharp.exe
Firma del problema 02:
Firma del problema 03: 5ac3baf9
Firma del problema 04: SDRSharp.Tetra
Firma del problema 05:
Firma del problema 06: 5ab27906
Firma del problema 07: a7
Firma del problema 08: 7
Firma del problema 09: System.DllNotFoundException
Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601.
Id. de configuración regional: 3082
Información adicional 1: 0a9e
Información adicional 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Información adicional 3: 0a9e
Información adicional 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

Lea nuestra declaración de privacidad en línea:

Si la declaración de privacidad en línea no está disponible, lea la declaración de privacidad sin conexión:


I am quite new to this, I have installed the plugins an all relevant dll’s but keep getting this error
$ startrx
2018/04/01 07:51:14 socat[11152] E write(1, 0x20010bc0, 1024): Broken pipe

Any one could help me



SDRSharp – Crash after 2second. Reinstall VB 64 / 86 not helped..
crash.txt Exception of type ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown.
I am use latest SDRSharp 1659 …


Not worked…
Change hardware install VB2015 x86/64 …
Change Windows 7 -> 10
ERROR: System.OutOfMemoryException
tried old version 1331 / 1631 everything error MemoryException …
used latest revision SDR Dongle.


Get the same crash


Method not found: ‘Void SDRSharp.Radio.IQFirFilter..ctor(Single[], Int32)’.
at SDRSharp.Tetra.TetraPanel.BufferProcess()
at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(Object state)
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart()


I use both, Tetra Telive (over Ubuntu) and SDR# Tetra Plugin (on Win 10)
Tetra Telive has teh very useful way to filter exclusive ssi group, and you can “follow” de communication develope. Activating or desactivating selected ssi group. I have still some audio drops issues, but the filter and the complete activity audio record .ogg files is great.
My first impression about SDR SHARP TETRA PLUGIN is positive, the audio quality is better and easy to customize. I m looking and add to my wish list, we can RECORD THE AUDIO QE LISTENING TO (without open Audacity or similar tool) and It would be fantastic filter ON/OF SSI groups to follow full conversation. Somebody know is there is some tip or setup to add SDR PLUGINS these functions ? This plugin open a big way to learn and enjoy about fantastic radio, asdr and tetra universe.


the ssi filter is a great idea!


how do you improve the quality of the audio you receive its all bubble gum gargiling noises for me


Maybe you’re trying to listen to an encrypted station


Try to install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 32 & 64 bit. On my Win10 x64 its work!


Hi Deim,
Which version of sdr# are you using ?
Are you using a SDRPlay RSP1 ?


Hi Stef!
I’m using AirSpyR2.
Before installing Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 32 & 64 but i have the same problem and only after install this c++ package tetra start working.
Maybe this information help you too.


Hi deim,
Thanks for the information.
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 32 & 64 is installed on my computer but for me it is not working .


Hi again Stef

Exactly same problem here.

Anyone got a fix for crash-error?
I tried x86 AND x64 fix, but no luck with this.
Any special version of c++?


No luck using Sdrplay RSP1 🙁
Gives an error on startup (the 2 .dll files/plugins)
Using version 1361 as described when using SDRPLAY

Antone got any luck with SDRPLAY products? please help


uses the 1500 version of sdrsharp.
It works well with. …

Uses the plugin: SDR # PLUGIN – VERSION 2.2. he is on sdrplay.com


I tried version 1500 with the 2.2 plugins from sdrplay.com
but when I click on “demodulator” in the tetra plugin, the sdr#

There is no problem getting the sdrplay to work with sdr# vers. 1500
and just receiving – this works well, its the tetra plugin that I cant get
to work with 1500 – it constantly crashes


Where can i find the version 1500 of SDR# on internet ?
I using version 1491 with my SDRPLAY RSP1 but sdr# crash when i clic on demodulor


Hi Stef

I found my 1500 version on a amateurradio site with versions from 1361 to 1500
(google search). But version 1500 makes same error, crashes when clicking on
demodulator 🙁


Hi Testuser 😉
I found a 1500 version but unfortunately same error .
I tried on a win 7 64bit and Win 10 but it’s not working 🙁 sdr# crash when i clic on demodulator

error message in the crash.txt file in sdrsharp folder :
Méthode introuvable : ‘Int32 SDRSharp.Radio.IQFirFilter.Process(SDRSharp.Radio.Complex*, Int32)’.
at SDRSharp.Tetra.dll.TetraPanel.BufferProcess (IL offset: 0xffffffff)
at mscorlib.dll.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context (IL offset: 0x14)
at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.RunInternal (IL offset: 0x79)
at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.Run (IL offset: 0x0)
at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.Run (IL offset: 0x2b)
at mscorlib.dll.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart (IL offset: 0x8)
Do you have the same error message ?