A New LabVIEW interface for RTL-SDR Dongles

Today LabVIEW and RTL-SDR user Albert Lederer wrote in to let us know that he’s created a new LabVIEW interface for the RTL-SDR. LabVIEW is a visual programming language which is used commonly by engineers and scientists to quickly build applications for things like product testing, system monitoring, instrument control etc.

Currently there is already a LabVIEW interface for the RTL-SDR available called sdrLab. However sdrLab uses rtl_tcp for communication which can cause poor responsiveness and issues with corporate firewalls. Albert’s solution is instead a wrapper for rtlsdr.dll which allows LabVIEW to gain direct access to the RTL-SDR.

On his post Albert has created a write up that explains how his driver works, and how it can be used with LabVIEW. Keep an eye on Alberts future posts, as he writes that he intends to post a part two, where he will show how to attach an RTL-SDR to an NI myRIO.


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