A Preliminary Review of the HF Mode on Our V3 Dongles

Over on YouTube user icholakov shows a video where he compares our new RTL-SDR V3 dongles with direct sampling against an SDRplay and Icom 7100. The video shows reception at various HF frequencies on AM shortwave, time signals and SSB signals during day time reception. The performance seems to be fairly decent, but of course not as good as the more expensive SDRplay or Icom receivers.

This was originally posted on swling.com.

RTL Dongle V3 vs SDRPlay vs Icom 7100 Part 1

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Ahmed Azhad

Analogue rules! No good DRM receivers available.


I tried in RTL sdr Dongle 820T/2 With experimental HF drivers but frequency above 15mhz is works fine below 15 MHz no reception. Why?

B. Kenney

I know the V.3 dongle is specifically designed for the HF frequency via Q-Branch setting in SDR#, but can it be done with the V.2 and other units WITHOUT cracking open the case and feed a jumper cable through the hole by the RTL2832U chip? And yes, SpyVerter is still in my mind. 🙂 Much appreciated, thanks!

B. Kenney

Thanks man, much appreciated! =D