Testing the MIX4ALL Downconverter on L-Band

Adam (9a4QV) is well known in the RTL-SDR community for creating and selling the LNA4ALL low noise amplifier and several filter circuits as well. Now Adam has uploaded on his YouTube channel a new video that shows a prototype of his latest upcoming RTL-SDR compatible product called the MIX4ALL. The MIX4ALL is a downconverter that will improve the ability of the RTL-SDR to receive satellite signals in the L-band which are usually at around 1.5 GHz.

It is known that the most common R820T/2 RTL-SDR’s are not very sensitive at 1.5 GHz, and some can even stop receiving properly at this frequency when they get too hot. A downconverter will simply convert the 1.5 GHz signals into a lower frequency which can be received much better by the RTL-SDR.

In the first video Adam shows the MIX4ALL being used with an RTL-SDR to receive various Inmarsat signals with a patch antenna. In the second video he shows reception of AERO-I signals.

Adam writes that he expects to be able to sell the MIX4ALL near the end of January 2016.

MIX4ALL test @ L-band Inmarsat

MIX4ALL AERO-I L band Inmarsat 4F2

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Cant wait untill its out,And mounted at the antenna,Im getting AERO via the rtl sdr 820T2 stick and a 20 RHCP antenna on the 58west sat and JAERO.