Receiving AERO-H on L-Band with an RTL-SDR

Over on YouTube Adam Alicajic (9A4QV – creator of the LNA4ALL and upcoming MIX4ALL) has uploaded a video showing his reception of AERO-H signals from an Inmarsat satellite. A few days ago we posted about how the JAERO decoder had recently been updated to be able to decode these AERO-H signals. These signals contain various messages meant for airplanes, but also sometimes contain news messages.

In the video Adam uses a satellite dish antenna together with his MIX4ALL, an RTL-SDR dongle and the JAERO software. With decent reception he is able to easily decode the AERO-H messages.

Receiving AERO-H on L-band (Inmarsat AOR-W)

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Don DeGregori

Hi Adam,
Adam, Great job on AERO-H! The West Coast of US doesn’t show an Inmarsat bird I can receive with AERO-H or H+ on it. 3-F2 has plenty of AERO-H+ frequencies but it’s below the horizon for me around -18 degrees! Do you know up an updated frequency list from UHF Satcom? Other Inmarsat satellites only show AERO-I.
Thanks, Don


MIX4ALL project is presently ordering the parts for the first batch from several suppliers and it will take a month before we put them on the market.
For the circular polarization, the RHCP or LHCP feed should be used. I used the linear one just because I have it fixed on my dish.
I am planing this days to publish DIY helix antenna for that purpose just because it can be perfect and cheap antenna that can do the job where most of the published projects are full of bugs and mistakes, wrong figures etc…

Edward van Ulft


A commendable effort!
Can Wait,
Greetings E van Ulft


Any news on when the MIX4ALL will come out. Also what antenna do you recommend using on the dish?