Recent Updates to the JAERO L-Band and C-Band AERO Decoder

JAERO is a program by Jonti that was released late last year which allows us to use a SDR such as an RTL-SDR to receive L-band and C-Band AERO messages. AERO is essentially the satellite based version of ACARS, and the L-band signals contains short ground to air messages with things like weather reports and flight plans intended to be transmitted to aircraft. The C-band signals are the air to ground portion of AERO and more difficult to receive as they require an LNB and large dish. However they are much more interesting as they contain flight position data, like ADS-B.

Over March JAERO has had some minor updates. It is now possible to display planes on a map by using it’s SBS1 protocol output and outputting the data to Virtual Radar Server. The second more recent update now allows JAERO to simultaneously monitor up to two C-band AERO channels. To do this you will need to use the AUX VFO plugin for SDR#.

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Plotting flights positions out of regular ADS-B range which were demodulated from C-Band AERO signals by JAERO.
Plotting flight positions that are out of regular ADS-B range. Demodulated from C-Band AERO signals with JAERO.
Monitoring two C-Band channels in SDR# with the AUX VFO plugin.
Monitoring two C-Band channels in SDR# with the AUX VFO plugin.

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R vd Meer

Who know how to use multiple jaero,s,receive several 10.500 channels where a lot of information is going on.
On inmarsat 15w and 25 east are a number of channels on the l band .


I use SDR# with aux vfo plugins. Then downloaded virtual audio cable 4.15….” Not free” Under # you can assign each aux vfo a virtual audio channel. Assign each Jaero app a different virtual audio channel.

I use this method for (3) weather sats using wxtoimg and one SDR# app running the aux vfo plugin.

R vd Meer

Thank you for your reply,i have the setup with sdrconsole v3 and can set several receivers and virtual audio cable but if i have multiple jaero,s if i put the second jaero on virtual cable 2 also the other jaero is going to virtual cable 2.
And thats what i want to prevent,but dont now how to do it.


Ok, So I’ve double checked this. I can run 2 instances JAERO on different virtual cables. I’m using JAERO ver … on win 10 Home.

R vd Meer

Thanks,i have the same jaero version and windows 10 pro.
Do you use the same jaero folder?.
Did it with a copy of the jaero folder,naming it jaero 2 but no luck.


No, I launch it from the same desktop shortcut.
So same version app…… what brand of virtual cable you using? Perhaps I can test it out on one of my virtual machines.

R vd Meer

Thanks for the effort but i keep using one jaero here ,because i also decode les channels at the same time.


please help me! To receive JAERO L-BAND AND C-BAND AERO, what i need to buy?

Mangjit Nijjhar

Unless you’re using a downconverter in the picture, isn’t 1.5 GHz the L-band?


hmm i need an antenna for. can someone recommend one?


2.4m dish should be fine